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Looking for the best San Diego County Property Management? Red House Property Management offers services across most of San Diego County. If you are an owner seeking a property management company check out our Management Services page. If you are looking for a place to live feel free to view our available properties under open listings. To learn more about specific regions of San Diego which Red House provides management to visit our specific service areas pages. If you’re new to San Diego read on to learn about why we love being property managers in this sunny county.

Did you know that San Diego is the second largest California county in terms of population? San Diego is also geographically large and diverse. To non-San Diegans the coastline which forms the western border of the county is San Diego’s predominant feature. Inland San Diego is also full of communities such as San Marcos and Escondido. Even the beach side communities of San Diego vary greatly from one another. The Sandy beaches Mission Beach vary greatly from the Rocky Cliffside village of La Jolla.

Geographically the most important feature of San Diego may be its huge natural bay. From this bay rises the bustling metropolis that is Downtown San Diego. Just up the hill from Downtown are communities like Hillcrest and North Park which are built upon mesas. Many of the residential areas in the city of San Diego are also on large table-like mesas. In Northern San Diego the rolling hills meet  beautiful coastlines. Carlsbad is host to some of the best beaches in California. The Northern border of the San Diego Coast exists where Oceanside meets Camp Pendleton.

In addition to Camp Pendleton Military instillation’s in San Diego county include the Marine Corps Air station in Miramar, and the North Island Naval Complex on Coronado. Coronado Island forms an Eastern Boundary of San Diego Bay, and it is actually connected to mainland Southern San Diego County.

Southern San Diego County ends at the US-Mexico Border. Southern San Diego communities include Imperial beach, and Chula Vista. Chula Vista’s eastern border is at San Diego Bay. This terminus is a center for many shipping operations. The southern reaches of the Bay end in Imperial Beach. Imperial Beach is a beach side city home to miles of sandy coastline.

San Diego County is sometimes called Greater San Diego as it encompasses many cities. Red House delivers its property management services such as tenant screening, maintenance, management, and advertising to the central and northern areas of  San Diego County. For up to date information about service areas please give us a call or use the contact form.  To view properties that are available for lease please check our open listings page.


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