La Jolla Property Management

Exiting the freeway on La Jolla village Drive will set you on a path which winds around Mount Soledad towards the coast. For post-card like views of La Jolla take a turn on Prospector Street. Here you will find great places to walk along Oceanside paths with a stunning coastline reminiscent of beachside towns in Northern California. Prospect street is home to fine dining, cocktails, and unique coffee stops.  The living room on prospect serves coffee, lunch items, and upstairs is 18+ with a hookah lounge and a few beers on top. La Jolla is filled with great places to visit, the museum of contemporary artThe Promiscuous Fork, George’s at the Cove, and many more. If you are looking for a great place for small bites and a view, the marine room offers beach side bar to watch the sunset. Just next to the marine room is the beautiful and busy La Jolla shores.

Unlike its cousins to the north, La Jolla enjoys amazing weather year round.  From the top of La Jolla, Torrey pines offers amazing views above the bluffs.  Stop by the glider port and if you are brave enough take the dive! Watching them is enough to get your heart rate up.

Historically La Jolla claims to be one of the first neighborhoods to be settled in San Diego. With such a beautiful geographic setting it’s not surprising that even today La Jolla is home to some of the most prized real estate in San Diego. The Beautiful homes match the beautiful views here, and they are often owned by San Diego’s most affluent. Not surprisingly many of the restaurants and businesses here reflect such tastes which make it a great place for fine dining and specialty stores.

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