The following post serves to answer one of the most common questions we receive from clients and tenant: Why does Red House San Diego use an electronic system for maintenance requests?

It is something most renters have dealt with: the unsolved maintenance issue. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a wall that needs to be torn down maintenance problems do come up. If you’ve dealt with an old-school property management company, chances are you’ve seen a maintenance issue drag on for weeks or months without getting fixed. In most cases it is safe to assume that the company was not leaving you sink unfixed to annoy you, rather your request slipped through the cracks of their maintenance system.

At Red House we’ve adopted the most up to date approach to save owners and tenants from unfixed maintenance problems. The Red House maintenance system also benefits property owners. Fixing small problems is the best way to truncate larger ones. Our database of maintenance requests will also help us identify issues which need greater attention. A reoccurring problem may be solved with one quick replacement saving the cost of many small operations.Tenants can access our Maintenance Request Portal which is a direct connection to our personnel. There are several ways that our system helps:

1. Our system prevents maintenance requests from “slipping through the cracks”

2. Our system provides details which will help us fix you issue in the most efficient way possible

3. Our system lets you check on the progress of requests so tenants can stay “in the loop”

4. Our system keeps logs each request, so we have a history of maintenance issues



1. Preventing the request form being lost

When a tenant submits a request through our secure maintenance request portal the correct team members are notified immediately. Unlike a phone-call or note on a piece of paper, the online notice remains active and immediate until the problem is fixed. No longer must one worry about small or large requests get “lost” on the desks of busy maintenance managers.

2. Fixing the problem

Once a request has been submitted we coordinate with a professional who will fix the problem. Having details submitted in electronic form allows for a very clear message to be sent to our reliable source whether it is an electrician or a landscaper. The tenant can rest easy knowing that their maintenance issue has been properly conveyed to an expert.

3. Keeping Tenants Informed

Tenants may return to the maintenance portal at any time to check in on requests. Red House will also be in direct contact with the tenant to make sure all needs are met. At Red House we know how to balance the newest technologies with the best person-to-person customer service.

4. Tracing Maintenance Patterns

Storing maintenance requests will allow us to solve problems more efficiently. By noticing patterns in maintenance issues we can get to the root of problems. More than one issue with an appliance? It may be time to replace it.


If you’ve got a maintenance issue head to our Online Maintenance Request Form for help! If you’re a property owner interested in freeing your life of property management hassels let the professionals at Red House give you a hand. Start by requesting a Free Management Quote or by giving us a call at 858-755-3031.