Did you know that San Diego is home to the largest navel fleet in the world? With a multitude of navel, military, and defense institutions throughout the county, it’s no surprise that many servicemembers and their families have civilian landlords. What all San Diego Landlords should know is that certain laws  must be followed.

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The big issue: terminating the lease

No landlord would want to see a good tenant leave. Besides having a qualified renter who they trust occupying their property, the a good tenant is also paying rent on time! What causes most problems when it comes to renting to military personnel is the termination of the lease. A servicemember may terminate their lease when they receive orders to deploy or change permanent stations for a time greater than 90 days. Due to the nature of the military, a deployment order can come at any time. From a landlord’s point of view this adds a great deal of unpredictability to health of their business.

To a service member deployment or orders to change location are mandatory actions. Servicemembers have resources on base to help them handle their housing leasing and legal agreements like leases. These same institutions also provide education and support which help make many military renters superb tenants.

What a Service Member Must Provide to Break a Lease:

To break a lease, servicemembers must provide written notice of termination and a copy of the orders which they are acting on. These documents can be delivered by hand, or by a private mail service. Note that there must be a receipt of the mailing, so normal postage is not sufficient. Landlords should keep in mind that the orders for a service member to deploy may leave them with little time to serve notice of these important documents.

Landlords and property owners should keep in mind that there are many property managers near active bases whose primary clientele are active service members. The fact that some operations are capable of handling many servicemember tenancies is evidence that renting to military personel is not as burdensome as it might sound, in fact it can be a very smart move.

In later posts I will cover other aspects of renting to active servicemembers. At Red House Property Management we specialize in helping owners find the best tenants for their properties. Whether you are uncertain of how to rent to military tenants  or you are just plain tired of managing your own property Red House is there for you, always. Request a Free Quote today!