Most San Diego landlords know that a healthy manager-tenant relationship is crucial to a successful business. Happy tenants are pleasure to work with, more likely to take good care of your investment, and much more likely to renew their lease! Here are five secrets that will keep your renters and yourself smiling this Spring.

1. Solid legal groundwork

Start off on the right foot by making everything in your rental agreement clearly stated and legal. If the tenant knows what they are signing up for there will be less opportunity for problems later on. Even if you don’t foresee any issues, be sure you have your bases covered. When a tenant can look at their copy of the lease and see a clear answer to their question you will be saved time and energy.

2. Answer phone calls and emails

Questions come up, at Red House we try to keep tenants “in the loop” with our FAQ page. As a landlord you usually will not have this option. Consider creating a printed FAQ to distribute to tenants. You may also want to keep this document in text form so you can copy and paste quick responses to tenant emails.

Can your tenants reach you by phone if they have a question? Make sure you are personally available if there’s a maintenance emergency– it could save you a lot of money!

3. Respect the privacy of your tenants

Always provide substantial notice if you need to enter a unit for repairs. Do not excessively “check-in” on a unit. You should trust that renters are taking great care of your unit, if you do not you may have to re-evaluate your screening process.

4. Long term tenants and maintenance 

If you do have a tenant who has committed to renting for more than one year be sure that their unit receives the same upkeep a unit being turned-over would receive. Normal painting and carpeting are good places to start when checking in on this aspect of keeping your tenant happy.

5. Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation

A nice note on the holidays or a welcome basket is something most renters will never get from their landlords. A small gift is goes a long way in adding a human touch to the “business” agreement of renting.