This coming Election Day you and your fellow voters will have the opportunity to make your voices heard regarding significant changes being proposed for the California and San Diego residential rental market.  There are two issues on the ballot that directly affect property owners, landlords, and tenants. 


Proposition 10 - The Repeal of the Costa Hawkins Act

The California state legislature passed the Costa Hawkins Act in 1995 which prevents city governments from enacting any rent control on separately titled housing (free-standing houses, condominiums, townhomes) that were occupied after February 1, 1995.

It also stated that housing exempted from local rent control prior to February 1, 1995, must remain exempt. Finally, it allows landlords to increase rent prices to market rents when a tenant vacates.

You can find out more about Proposition 10 @ Ballotpedia


Measure W - National City Rent Control Measure

This Measure would drastically alter the landlord-tenant relationship in National City and open the door for similar ideas to spread in San Diego.  Below are some of the 23 orso points that are addressed in the Measure.   The nformation below was pulled from a summary of the Measure by Robert Vallera of Voit real estate services   written for the SDCAA. 

  1. The measure does not allow for vacancy decontrol. An owner cannot reset the rent to market when a tenant voluntarily vacates the premise.

  2. The Measure includes single family homes & condos

  3. The Measure generally eliminates an owner’s right to require a tenant to vacate a unit except under limited circumstances

  4. To regain possession of a rental unit under one of the above-referenced limited circumstances, the owner will be required to compensate the tenant with a minimum relocation payment of at least $7000.  The payment amount is to be $10,000 if one of the occupants is either 62+ years old or a minor. These payment amounts will increase by the inflation rate, or more. The Rent Board will have the power to increase the amount of relocation payments.
  5. The Rent Board shall consist of five members. Three of the members must be tenants in National City.

  6. The Rent Control Board may charge and collect a Rental Housing Fee paid by rental property owners to fund their operations. The Measure proposes an initial fee fo $120 per unit per-year. The Rent Control Board is given the power to increase the annual fee. Most rent control boards in CA currently charge $240-$360 per-unit per-year

This is just a sample of what restrictions the Measure would enact if passed.

You can find out more about Measure W @ Ballotpedia


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